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I finished the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider over the weekend. Microsoft insisted on giving it to me free a few months ago and who am I to argue?

I remember playing the first TR game back in... before the turn of the century, I think. It was interesting but not particularly compelling, so I never finished it.

That is absolutely *not* what I experienced with the reboot. The game is absolutely incredible. The sense of action, of freedom and of the sheer *joy* of discovery is very much alive in this game. Somehow, it pulls off a great rush of adrenaline without requiring fast-twitch reflexes. The game also triggered my acrophobia more often than I can count!

Rhianna Pratchett turns in a great story for this game to follow: it's the tale of a young woman named Lara who is tested and pushed to her every limit, growing into the person whose legend will one day be told (most likely in the sequels). The script and the game engine work well together to create a strong sense of empathy with the main character. You wince at her losses, you bleed when she bleeds and you share in her triumphs. Rounding it all out is Camilla Luddington's voice acting, which is the icing on an all around great cake.

I think I'd recommend this game to almost anyone who enjoys video games with a bit of action to them.
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