Chris Angelini (frobozz) wrote,
Chris Angelini

You can go home again...

The other night, I set up a Chromecast audio and an old speaker set in my room. I flipped through my collection to see what I wanted to play to inaugurate the setup and came across The Best of Simon and Garfunkel (which Google Play had offered as one of its many, many free album offers). Feeling a little nostalgic, I hit play.

It really took me back. On the day that I went off to university for the first time, this album was playing in the tape deck of the family van. I'd made a copy of it the day before for whatever reason. Because I'd listened to the album over the course of the three hour drive, the songs became truly embedded in my mind.

Over the course of the next four months, I would return again and again to my copy of that album. The brooding, philosophical stylings of the artists put me in the perfect state of mind for starting a new life, filled with new experiences and learning how to be myself all over again. It reminded me strongly of the car trip up and helped to stave off homesickness because of that strong aural connection. It became the soundtrack of at least my first semester of university, if not the first year.

I haven't listened to that album since I made the move from tape to CD, lo so many years ago. Until the other night, when memory crashed over the shore of my mind and I was taken back to when I was a much younger, much different person. It reminded me of some of the best, most wonderful and terrifying and exciting times of my life.

So thank you, S&G, for having been there with me. And thank you to my parents, for playing that album en route to my new adventure.
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