Chris Angelini (frobozz) wrote,
Chris Angelini

The Decokening

Around the time that my diverticula became infected, I managed to make a big change to my life. It's been a couple of weeks now and it's still sticking, so I feel like I can talk about it without jinxing it.

Diverticulitis requires you to go on a clear liquid diet to give your tract a chance to heal. Because of this, I started to grab sparkling mineral water from the drink machine at work rather than Coke. As some of you may know, I have quite a Coke problem.

Er, to the DEA agent who just sat up and said 'heeeey...', I mean the liquid kind of Coke.

Oh wait, cocaine is sometimes injected suspended in a solution. So I mean the Coke that's really bad for you.

Um... okay. Look. I have a problem with Coca-cola, okay? Go back to trying to catch Scarface, willya?

Anyway... as the time came for the clear liquid diet to end, I approached the drink machine at work and thought to myself... 'what if I didn't stop doing this? What if I just kept turning to bubbly, fizzy, unsweetened water to keep me going through the day?'

I'm not really sure how I managed to make it happen, but I decided then and there to not go back on the Coke train. I got my fizzy water instead and went back to my desk.

Then I did the same thing the next day. And the day after that. And so on. Until finally, I was really looking forward to that harsh but lightly flavoured fizz.

I do let myself have one or two colas a week -- preferably *one* -- which I hear is a good way to stay faithful to a decision like this. Also, as part of this I've just sort of backed away from sweeter things in general. I'm watching out for sugared foods and trying to just not eat them much at all. Somehow, it's working. When I absolutely need to have something sugary, I try to turn to carbonated fruit juices which often do the trick and give me that burst of carbonation that somehow makes liquids exciting.

(Of course with carbonated juices, you have to play the guessing game that nobody wins... 'What does natural flavouring mean?'. If I correctly guess that it means 'the anal secretions of a beaver', do I win or lose? I'm thinking I lose.)

(I'm also not kidding. Google castoreum if you don't believe me. Just make sure you aren't eating anything containing 'natural flavouring' when you do)

(Also, just about everything that you don't make from base components contains 'natural flavouring'. Sigh)

It's only been a couple of weeks, so it's too early to know if this is going to have a positive effect on me; but I'm feeling hopeful! I've seen a lot of articles that say that cutting way back on sugar pays all kinds of dividends. I for once would like the stock that *splits*, thank you very much.

My next step is to adjust my exercise schedule so that it's less irregular. I'm working on getting access to the gym at work. I'm going to set aside half an hour each lunch to go there and get some movement in. On the one hand, access is proving harder to get than I expected; but on the other, my workplace has a gym, so once I get access to it I don't have *anything* to complain about.

And I haven't forgotten that I owe everyone here getting back on the C25K training. It occurs to me that the campus where I work is pretty big. Running around it might be a good way to spend those lunch hours when I'm not at the gym. Of course, I just have to overcome the social anxiety that results from trying to do something like that when you're fat. Ah well.
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if you are a pathological introvert (like me) you may find the necessity of going to the gym impedes your schedule. Amazon sells compact exercise bikes for $100 a pop. set one of those suckers up in front of the TV and eternal happiness will be yrs.