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Finished another audiobook on the Commute that Ate Manhattan. This one was Yes Please, by Amy Poehler. I figured that since I read Bossypants, I should read the book written by Tina Fey's comedy-wife. ;-> Also, I'm a fan of the Upright Citizen's Brigade, so I was hoping she'd have stories about that in here.

The book was marvellous. I have very little interest in what celebrities have to say, so I approached this book as a comedy bit instead; and I wasn't disappointed. Yes Please is funny from beginning to end; but fortunately, it does a lot more than just (just? comedy is hard, darn it) bring the funny. By turns its hilarious and thought provoking and sad and happy and in one place, annoying! And the whole ride was great. The book is done somewhat stream of consciousness style with her personal timeline shifting around quite rapidly when she's telling a true to life story. This makes the book less like a dry recital of history and more like you're in a car with this quirky, funny woman who's trying to recount a story to you and then she remembers something else, so she has to tell you that story so you'll understand this one and halfway through that one, there's another...

It's read by Amy herself and she really didn't phone in the performance. She's also invited along several special guest stars to do bits throughout her book. Patrick Stewart reads a haiku in those dulcet tones of his; I swear, he could make me listen to an audio of himself reading the phone book. But none of her guests overshadows Amy who is the real star of this show.

The last chapter (and disclosure, the one that I found a little bit annoying) is read live. No, they don't send Ms Poehler to sit in your car and read it (though that might be awesome.. if logistically tricky...); she read the last chapter in front of a live audience at the UCB theatre, so you get a lot of energy from the crowd. Its both a nice change and also a bit jarring at the same time... at times I stopped feeling like I was listening to a book and was listening to a Bit on stage. Which may have been the point, come to think of it... ah well.

Should you pick up this audiobook? Well, a lot depends on how interested you are in what a very funny comedian has to say. I've been a closet fan of Poehler's for a long time; and she has been in some of the best comedy I've ever seen... that that overcame my general ennui about books written by celebs. There's a lot to like here and her presentation is so much fun that I probably missed the normal things that bug me when reading a mémoire, which speaks well of her writing and vocal stylings.

Next up is another Great Courses lecture series, starting tomorrow!
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