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Good work

Yesterday, I was listening to Nick Offerman discuss Wendell Berry (a topic upon which Nick has much good to say and has a very compelling way of talking about it); one of the things he discussed was Berry's attitude towards work. The part that struck me was his thoughts on 'pretty work'; in the sense of someone looking at what you've done and saying 'that's very pretty work'.

That's part of what I like about being in the field I'm in. When things are at their best is when I'm able to devote myself to making things not just function but function well. There's a satisfaction to writing code in a way that will prevent the need for a future refactoring... to get it right the first time, structurally. There will always be days when I have to go with whatever's 'good enough'; but when I get to put polish on my work, I get a sense of satisfaction out of what I've done and I can feel very proud of that day's work.

It made me realise that I'm lucky to be in a job that allows me to take pride in what I do and affords me the chance to put a craftperson's care into the end result. I'm not very good with my hands; I've never had a talent for woodworking or painting or anything else like that... but I can still experience that satisfaction day to day. I should really never complain about my job again.

I mean I will. Let's be honest. But I shouldn't.
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