Chris Angelini (frobozz) wrote,
Chris Angelini

Mega-Canadian Mode

Yesterday, I finally realised that I was in Mega-Canadian mode and today I switched out of it for the better.

What is Mega-Canadian mode, you ask? It's a mindset that I possess wherein I go from Polite to Polite And Don't Want To Cause You Any Bother. I don't go into MCM intentionally; it tends to switch on when I'm either under stress or when I'm adapting to new situations. Like, for instance, a new job.

Yesterday I found myself waffling about pressing on a work-stoppage issue because 'oh, I'm new and I don't want to be That Guy and...' And suddenly it hit me that I was waffling about not pressing on a *work stoppage problem*.

That is, to coin a phrase, 'not okay'. And it got me to take a step back and realise that yup... I'd gotten a little bit uber-Canadian and I really needed to stop that.

I spent today in Polite But Firm mode and the difference was like night and day. While in MCM mode I managed to press a few issues forward to completion over the course of a couple weeks; in PBF mode, I was able to resolve all but two of the things that I've been blocked on.

I really hate MCM. It crosses a line between being a good guy and trying to blend in with the wallpaper. I don't want to be the guy who blends into the wallpaper any more. I have a job to do and if things are getting in the way of that, I need to get behind those things and push hard without being a jerk-face ( do you like that word? I trademarked it, so it's mine now).

I feel much better about myself today. I'm not letting myself feel unnecessary fear and anxiety. It's a great way to go into the weekend. Speaking of which... weekend!
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